ZHEJIANG GKO ALUMINIUM CO.,LTD. located in Taizhou City, a beautiful coastal city in Zhejiang Province.We are currently the largest, fastest-growing aluminum sheet,strip and foil processing enterprise in East China and as a major force in the aluminum industry in China.
  We have modern, high standard and large-scale automated production lines,such as die cast, hot roll, cold roll, continue cold roll, foil roll and so on....

Zhejiang GKO Industrial Co., LTD.,

        Zhejiang GKO Industrial Co., LTD., with annual capacity of 15 million new cars with high strength and high tenacity aluminum alloy wheel hub project site selection in taizhou bay cyclic economic industry clusters, is proposed to adopt the company independent development of aluminum alloy wheel hub with leading position in the domestic and international advanced production technology...

Zhejiang GKO New Materials Co., LTD.,

       Zhejiang GKO New Materials Co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of Zhejiang GKO Aluminium Company has introduced the advanced processing equipment and metal surface of aluminium alloy bag production line, the main production brushed aluminum foil Dream aluminum foil paint coating aluminum foil mirror aluminum alloy bags and other products.
      With the value of focus on outstanding , witness the future , our company aims to be the first world -class high strength ,light quality al-mg alloy bag supplier to supply noble ,elegance , environment aluminum alloy bag for traveller .

Zhejiang Xinding Aluminum Co., LTD.,

        Zhejiang Xinding Aluminum Co., LTD., established in January 2008 for Zhejiang GKO Aluminium Co., LTD. Is a wholly owned subsidiary, the main production of high-grade aluminum alloy wafers
        At present, the company products are mainly used in aluminum wafer lamps and lanterns, rice cooker, high-grade titanium...

Ningxia Jinning GKO New Materials CO.,LTD.

       Ningxia Jinning GKO New Materials CO.,LTD. in the township of the fortress jiangnan Chinese wolfberry County in ningxia, it is by zhejiang gko aluminium co., LTD. And hangzhou jinjiang group combination investment form, is engaged in the r&d and production of high precision aluminum sheet with foil and sales of large-scale high-tech enterprises Company in August 2010 to start the preparation, based starts in April 2011, completed and put into production in November 2013, the primary total investment of 1.56 billion yuan.
       The company has a modern high standard of 1 + 4 strip system with high speed cold rolled foil mill and other large automatic production lines Leading products for the domestic gap is larger, high technical content high-grade PS version of hot rolled bad material can cover the whole body electric and electronic cabinet material, etc