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Zhejiang Gko Industrial Co., LTD., with annual capacity of 15 million new cars with high strength and high tenacity aluminum alloy wheel hub project site selection in taizhou bay cyclic economic industry clusters, is proposed to adopt the company independent development of aluminum alloy wheel hub with leading position in the domestic and international advanced production technology, and introduced the domestic and foreign advanced equipment, production of intermediate and high-end brand car with a new type of super-high strength Gao Ren lightweight aluminum wheels. Project for the construction scale for the annual output of 15 million new automobile aluminum wheel hub, with high strength and high tenacity land 1200 mu. Planning a total investment of 6.35 billion yuan, after the completion of the project, can new sales income 7.5 billion yuan, profit tax of 1.52 billion yuan.

Project is made of forging forming process, will be hot rolled plate forging after spinning forming, aluminum wafer can be used in the production of 5, 6, 7 series high strength aluminum alloy wheel hub, its product grain size small, compact structure, good mechanical performance, weight loss effect can reach 50%, the quality is better than that of forging aluminum wheels, high yield and low cost of production. In the light of the spinning forming technology to replace the traditional process production preparation of automobile aluminum wheel hub has obvious competitive advantage, market prospect.

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