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The ninth "gko cup" basketball league closing smoothly

Date:2015-11-11 10:13:00

In this the cool autumn wind, osmanthus fragrance season, gko aluminum industry ushered in the annual basketball.About 5 PM on November 10, 2015, as the referee Zou Qingbin a whistle, half a month of the ninth "gko cup" basketball league, the final cold rolled team crowned, runner-up decoration team.XieJieYun company vice President, aluminum division general manager Ye Shujin Chen Shuo yulin, decoration division general manager and other senior leaders on the ground and attended the closing ceremony.
The basketball league has come from the various units of the four participating teams to participate in, all the athletes carrying forward the spirit of "friendship first, competition second" unwieldy, tenacious struggle, spell out the excellent result, the competitive level.In the competition, athletes and vigorous figure, consummate skill, won the audience a burst of applause and cheers, the cheerleading team for the hard work of the players on the pitch to cheer.
Gko since its inception, it attaches great importance to the amateur cultural life of employees and the enterprise culture construction, at the same time, the annual basketball league is also gko employees a beautiful beautiful scenery line in their mind.

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