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The fifth "gko cup" safety production knowledge contest ended

Date:2015-09-20 10:19:00

On September 19, 2015, the fifth "gko cup" safety production knowledge contest was held on the first floor conference room in the office building.From each department of the nine teams, a total of 36 employees with a special race.This contest aims to further strengthen the company's production safety management, increase the safety awareness of the masses of workers, to improve employee's daily work safety capability.
In recent years, the company has always been to create a secure enterprise as the goal, earnestly implement the "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management" approach, solidly carry out hidden perils in safety education, safety, accident emergency drill, etc., the company's production safety work has achieved good results.But in the key period for the development of the company, security is still severe, so the communication safety knowledge, standardized safety management and improve the staff's safety consciousness is very important.
Correct manner, this activity to go into the final game will answer and prepare two link, the topic includes true or false, multiple choice and short answer.The contest not only contains targeted strong aluminum industry production safety laws and regulations, procedures, rules and regulations, safety operation specification, etc., at the same time also involved in road traffic laws and regulations, fire safety knowledge, in the form of entertainment and formed in the course of the worker pay attention to safety, promoting the good atmosphere of safety skills.
After a fierce battle, eventually decorative bags team won the first prize, the aluminum gas from second prize, aluminum casting and industrial hub team won third prize.Dean Ding Ronghui and the assistant of chairman of the board of directors of the company management, director of the center for XieJieYun, director of the integrated office QuZengHui, and other senior leaders on the ground and prizes to the winning team.

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