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Gko aluminium cold rolling workshop first team leader ended training camp

Date:2015-11-15 11:00:00

On November 14, 2015, three days and three nights of enclosed supervisors training camp successfully.This training aims to develop the team leader of obedience, initiative, enthusiasm and collaborative;At the same time, make its have high obedience consciousness and execution, improving basic management skills, team leader of improve the comprehensive quality and ability.
This team leader smooth start of training camp, get the company top leadership and group leadership attaches great importance to and attention.Throughout the training, this training course has the following several aspects of the innovation measures: the first is the training content, mainly include obedience training, project experience and knowledge teaching, sharing and discussion, etc.Including military training, the development of series of basic management skills training, team leader series and so on;Second, in the process of training to record all the way, assign personnel to the scene behavior records and evaluation;Finally, to promote the trainees engaged in the training process, also carried out appropriate measures for retiring.For the winning team in the training and the outstanding individual awards and honorary certificate, and in individual review monthly allowance, to the end, a project team to implement small punishment (do 50 push-ups) per person.
This team leader after the camp, a lot of students have said, to learn from them to a lot of things that you've never come into contact with, at the same time, more important is very confident to apply the learned knowledge and skills in the future work.I see road, hope this batch of team leader in the future work play its advantages and potential, for the continuous development of the company contribute their strength.

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