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Warmly celebrate the zhejiang gko new materials co., LTD Officially listed on th

Date:2015-10-31 10:26:00

On Oct. 30, according to the national small and medium-sized enterprise stock transfer system, according to the announcement of zhejiang gko new materials co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as gko) new materials listed on the application is approved, and transfer publicly on today, stock code: 833722.
Gko new material on May 14, was founded in 2003, mainly engaged in high-quality aluminum decoration materials research and development, production and sales, product according to the production process is different, mainly divided into the roller coating aluminum, brushed aluminum and aluminum mirror, products are widely used in electronic appliances, automobile interior trim, printing, cabinets, integration ceiling, ecological doors, bathroom cabinet, switch panels, sound-absorbing board, furniture, background wall, etc.Various series products adopt unique craft technique and advanced production equipment, uniform color, graphics, a strong visual impact.
Newly developed gko aluminum bags bring comfortable, safe, all show elite self-confidence.To fully display the personality, satisfies the customer the assembly needs of customers, GKO new material research and development new products constantly, a variety of color, different specifications of the existing GKO aluminum box to choose from.
Company has been committed to the scientific and technological innovation, industrial upgrading, has introduced the advanced processing equipment, metal surface to absorb advanced technology at home and abroad, combined with years of independent innovation, strive for development.Company has 18 patents of utility model and was rated as "high-tech enterprise".Has the international first-class aluminum processing domain experts, bear the national key new product development, as well as the provincial key projects of major r&d projects, etc.

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